Where Do I Get Things To Sell?

While you may have some products in mind to sell, you will always want to be on the lookout for new products to add to your list. That will mean taking some time to visit places where you might find new items you list on auction. While some of the places to find new items are fairly obvious, there are other places that you may have never before considered. We will take a look at a number of potential places where you can find products to sell on the online auctions.

While going out and purchasing items right away that you think will sell well on the auction sites is one way to go, it may be better to begin by taking a weekend just to browse these platforms. Write down the items and prices of those items that you think would sell well. After you have finished, take your list and search the already closed auction items to see how good your senses are. Once you are confident that you are choosing items that will sell well, you can begin purchasing them to place on the online auction sites.

Garage & Estate Sales: One of the best places to pick up interesting items that you think may sell well on the online auction sites are garage sales and estate sales. You need to get into the habit of frequenting these places early in the morning. There are a large number of other people who are searching these platforms, so if you don’t make it to the sale when it first opens, the best items will already be gone before you arrive.

Flea Markets: Flea markets are another excellent place to pick up items that may sell well on the online auction sites. Again, as with garage and estate sales, to get the best merchandise at the lowest prices, you need to get there when the flea markets first open. Your best bet in finding unusual goods at cheap prices is to skip the flea market regular sellers and look for people that are trying to clear out unwanted items from their residence.

Thrift Shops: Visiting your local thrift, GoodWill, and Salvation Army shops are good places to pick up items to sell on the online auction sites. Since these stores often get new merchandise in on a weekly basis, frequent trips can pay off quite well.

Recycle Shops: Just because an item has been pre-used doesn’t mean that it is worthless. In fact, these are the places where you can often find numerous little treasures. If you have recycle shops in your area for just about anything, it is worthwhile stopping by to see if there are items that you can resell.

Local Stores: When local stores have too much stock and need to get rid of it to make room for new products, they will often deep discount the items to move them out quickly. Knowing where the deep discount sections are in your local stores will enable you to pick up multiples of the same item at great prices.

Brick & Mortar Auctions: Although it may seem a little strange, local brick and mortar auction houses can be a great place to pick up quality merchandise to resell on the online auction sites. This is especially true when they are selling off boxes with random items inside or large quantities of the same item.

Online Auctions: Buying from online auctions to sell on online auctions? Again, although this may sound a little strange, there are great opportunities to be found. If you know the going price for certain items, you can get good deals on the online auctions which you can then resell. Timing and placement are critical in getting the most for your products. If an item is placed in the wrong area or doesn’t have a quality search title, it will often sell far below its true worth. By keeping an eye out for these items, you can buy, then resell them again for a profit.

You can also do well by purchasing items in bulk, breaking them up into individual units and reselling them on the online auction sites. Sometimes sellers will list a large number of the same item in one auction. By purchasing the entire group of items and then reselling them individually, you can often make a nice profit for yourself.

Dumpster Diving: One person’s trash is another’s treasure is certainly a concept to embrace with online auctions. If you can get something for free, the only risk you have is the cost and time of listing it on auction. Saving items from going to the dump is a great way to find new areas and products to sell with little risk. When people are moving and at the end of the school year on college campuses are prime times to get valuable goods for free.

The above locations are not close to being a comprehensive list of places to look for new products, but they should give you a good foundation and get your searching creativity going. By keeping a constant eye open for new places that can help supply you with products to list, you should not have a problem finding interesting items to fill your auction pages.