Onlineauctionhints.com is a site aimed to the eBay online auction guide. The information provided on this site is geared toward those who want to use online auctions to generate at a minimum a consistent second income, and possibly even a full-time income. If you’re only interested in online auctions as a way to sell some extra items around the house or to make a little extra here and there, we encourage you to skip the information provided on this site, jump right in and start selling on eBay. eBay’s online tutorial will give you the basic information you need so you can get started right away. You are more than welcome to return anytime you decide you want to make eBay an actual income generating business.

The information on this site is 100% free. The auction guide was created in response to a large number of members from my other website requesting information about how to go about making money on eBay. The guide started to take a life of its own and we decided that it needed a home of its own. All that I ask in return is that if you find the information in this guide useful, you share the site with others that may have an interest in it.

Although this auction guide focuses on eBay since it is by far the largest of the online auction houses, most of the information can be utilized with virtually any of the other online auction sites if you choose. If you are ready to start learning, let’s get right to it!

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